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Your Vision

Product Designers and Engineers

From 3D modeling and simulation to visualization in VR and more, power through your most demanding workflows with Z desktop or laptop workstations.

Powerful Computing Solutions for Design and Manufacturing workflows

  • 2D and 3D
  • Rendering
    and Visualization
  • Additive

Best Z by HP Workstations for
2D and 3D Concepting

Quickly generate 2D or 3D models with Z devices. With the latest high-frequency
processing technology, you get advanced performance and real-time interactivity.

Best Z by HP Workstations for
Rendering and Visualization

Easily manipulate 3D shapes and render photorealistic models. Move your projects to a
virtual reality environment with VR-ready Z devices, and then experience them in high
fidelity with the HP Reverb headset.

Best Z by HP Workstations for

Iterate fast. Experiment more. High-frequency processing, multiple cores, and powerful
GPUs help you stress test your designs before production.

Best Z by HP Workstations for
Additive Manufacturing

Bring your designs to market faster with HP's Multi Jet Fusion 3D printing technology.

  • Security

Peace of Mind

Security is our commitment – so you can focus on driving results. Find total confidence with HP Wolf Security for Business.1

  • Reliability

Rely on Your Workstation 

Work with confidence knowing your laptop or desktop has undergone MIL-STD durability tests17 for extreme environments and up to 360,000 hours of testing for heavy workloads.

  • Sustainability

Better for People,
Better for The Planet

Here's why our TCO Certified, ENERGY STAR® certified and EPEAT® registered2 Z by HP portfolio helps protect our shared future.

  • VR

Evolve your Workflow
with VR

Create designs and prototypes, make adjustments before producing a physical product and manage workflows through collaboration and reviews in VR.

Features for Your Flow

  • Design in DreamColor
  • Upgrade and Customize
  • No Tools Necessary
  • Unthrottled Performance
  • Design in DreamColor

    Generate colors you’ve only dreamed of when you create on an 8-bit display and every combination of red, green, and blue becomes possible.

  • Upgrade and Customize

    Z desktop and laptop workstations are designed to be modular, so you can swap out, expand, and stay at the leading-edge of technology.

  • No Tools Necessary

    Access your workstation hardware in seconds with panel tabs. Changing components shouldn’t take a rusty toolbox.

  • Unthrottled Performance4

    See every hue and shade perfectly with factory color calibrated accuracy you can trust. Z and HP DreamColor displays undergo stringent testing to assure that over 300 measurements achieve a Delta E of less than 2, making any color difference virtually indistinguishable to the human eye for ultimate color accuracy.

Here's how Z Workstations are taking product design and manufacturing into the future.
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Additive manufacturing promises to transform manufacturing in fundamental ways; diminishing reliance on specific tooling, concentrated capital and skills in fixed locations.

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How VR is Leading The Way in Manufacturing

Using immersive technology, designers and engineers can work at life-scale and interact with their creations in an almost-real VR environment.

That Matters

The Z by HP portfolio provides extreme performance for the most-demanding professional workflows. But the Z vision goes beyond powerful processing and graphics, cutting-edge thermal design and unrelenting reliability.

We design our systems around our users. We understand that anywhere can be your office, and that you care about protecting our shared future. So we craft thin and light laptops with incredible battery life, mini desktops that fit your home setup and towers with tool-less access for easy expansion — and we use recycled plastics8, safer materials9 and bulk packaging.

Globally recognized for beautiful, inclusive design, Z devices demonstrate what’s possible when we combine passion for design with uncompromising usability and engineering excellence.