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Without Compromise

Creative, Media & Entertainment Pros

From video editing and 3D animation to game development in VR — reach peak creative flow on your heaviest projects with Z workstations.

What Can a Z Workstation Do
For Your Workflow?

  • 3D
    & Visual Effects
  • Video Editing
    & Motion Graphics
  • Game
  • Graphic

  • Photography

Best Z by HP Workstations for
3D Animation and Visual Effects

From real-time rendering to physics simulations, Z is built ready for whatever your
project demands. Explore new dimensions, build bigger worlds, tell richer stories, and
render it all with industry driving performance.

Best Z by HP Workstations for
Video Editing and Motion Graphics

Whether you're cutting together spots, shorts or features, you push your system to the
max. That's why we've developed an extensive line of powerhouse devices to help you
edit in less time so you can hit your deadlines.

Best Z by HP Workstations for Game Development

Z devices are built for every step of the development process with powerful graphics to
3D render an entire universe.

Best Z by HP Workstations for Graphic Design

From print layouts to typography treatments to branding projects,
Z helps you iterate and design faster so you can tackle any project any way you want.

Best Z by HP Workstations for Photography

From real-time rendering to physics simulations, Z is built ready for whatever your
project demands. Explore new dimensions, build bigger worlds, tell richer stories, and
render it all with industry driving performance.

The Lowdown On Design
Don’t take our word for it. See how creatives are using Z workstations for video editing, graphic design, and more.
  • Podcast

Rightbrainers: An Original Podcast by Z

Hear from industry-leading creatives as they unpack the latest trends in technology and creativity to redefine their workflows and power breakthroughs in their industries.

  • Trend Article

CoCreated: The Story of a Breakthrough Design Collaboration

See seven renowned artists in areas as disparate as 3D design and documentary photography come together to create a single, transformational project.

  • Trend Article

How 3D, AI and (n)KResolution are Reshaping Creativity

Learn how trends like 3D, AI and (n)K resolution are transforming creative workflows and powering breakthroughs for designers, artists, developers and more.

  • Easily connect
  • Upgrade and Customize
  • No Tools Necessary
  • Maintain Privacy
  • Keyboard Mapping
  • Easily

    Ports including USB Type-C® with Thunderbolt™ 4, USB 3.0 and a smart-card reader let you plug into external devices so you can seamlessly transfer content or tack on external storage.

  • Upgrade and

    Z desktop and laptop workstations are designed to be modular, so you can swap out, expand, and stay at the leading-edge of technology.

  • No Tools

    Access your device hardware in seconds with panel tabs. Changing components shouldn’t take a rusty toolbox.

  • Maintain Privacy

    Keep confidential work from prying eyes in coffee shops and airports with HP Sure View privacy screen.2

  • Keyboard

    If your keyboard shortcuts are the last thing holding you back from making the switch to Z, you can easily remap your keyboard for commonly used apps to replicate Mac shortcuts using HP Performance Advisor.

Design in DreamColor

  • One Billion Colors on Screen
  • Optimize Your Color Space
  • Colors Calibrated to Perfection

  • One Billion Colors
    on Screen3

    Generate colors you’ve only dreamed of when you create on an 8-bit display and every combination of red, green, and blue becomes possible.

  • Optimize
    Color Space

    Create in your own color space by customizing user presets on your monitor; or choose your workflow with factory-calibrated color presets for web design, print design, photography, or HD video.

  • Colors Calibrated
    to Perfection

    See every hue and shade perfectly with factory color calibrated accuracy you can trust. Z and HP DreamColor displays undergo stringent testing to assure that over 300 measurements achieve a Delta E of less than 2, making any color difference virtually indistinguishable to the human eye for ultimate color accuracy.

That Matters

The Z by HP portfolio provides extreme performance for the most-demanding professional workflows. But the Z vision goes beyond powerful processing and graphics, cutting-edge thermal design and unrelenting reliability.

We design our systems around our users. We understand that anywhere can be your office, and that you care about protecting our shared future. So we craft thin and light laptops with incredible battery life, mini desktops that fit your home setup and towers with tool-less access for easy expansion — and we use recycled plastics8, safer materials9 and bulk packaging.

Globally recognized for beautiful, inclusive design, Z devices demonstrate what’s possible when we combine passion for design with uncompromising usability and engineering excellence.

  • Graphics

Powerful Graphics

Animate and render in real-time with professional graphics — all the power you need to speed up creative software, plugins and heavy files.

  • Reliability

Rely on Your Workstation

Work with confidence knowing your laptop or desktop has undergone MIL-STD durability tests21 for extreme environments and up to 360,000 hours of testing for heavy workloads. 

  • Performance

Remote Collaboration

Access high-performance workstation power for video editing and 3D animation anywhere, and collaborate with your team in real-time with ZCentral Remote Boost1 and Teradici CAS software—now HP Anyware.

  • Sustainability

Better for People, Better for the Planet

Here's why our TCO Certified, ENERGY STAR® certified and EPEAT® registered3 Z by HP portfolio helps protect our shared future.